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  • Perspective: Government Shutdown

    Perspective: Government Shutdown

    I am a federal employee.  My coworkers and I are the program managers for the in-service aircraft carrier fleet.  Certainly sounds important but we are also considered “non-essential” during this government shutdown meaning we can’t go to work and we aren’t getting paid. So, I’m not “technically” unemployed…I’m not “technically” fired either…BUT I’m also not […]

  • Federal Employee Benefits Vs. Private Sector

    Federal Employee Benefits Vs. Private Sector

    I must be doing something wrong… Last year, I accepted a position working for the Department of Defense. I had to move to a much higher cost-of-living location, accepted a position for essentially lower pay (once you account for differences in cost of living), have to commute 3 hours everyday just to get to & […]

  • Share the wealth…yeah, that’ll work…

    Share the wealth…yeah, that’ll work…

    It’s both funny and sad that we live in the only nation in the world that thinks we’ll get an hour more of sunlight each day by rolling the clock forward an hour.  It’s even worse that many people believe our nation as a whole will be better off by taxing those who work to […]