Spotify Family, Rant Mode On…

So, who knew just how much of a headache the new Spotify Family Plan would be? First. You can't add anyone who is currently a Premium member. Okay, fine, I'll let each family member expire and then add them. Thinking I understood how this process would work I canceled my wife and daughter's Premium accounts … Continue reading Spotify Family, Rant Mode On…

Simon Peter, Answering the Call

Centuries ago when Jesus walked out of the wilderness after 40 days and nights, his eye fell upon a man who made his living sailing turbulent seas. Simon, commonly known as Peter, was the son of Jona and by vocation was a fisherman. He and his brother Andrew were partners with James and John in … Continue reading Simon Peter, Answering the Call

Tolerance, Compassion and Offense

Tolerance is not the same thing as acceptance, and acceptance is not the same thing as an endorsement. - Larry Alex Taunton, The Atlantic Such a simple truth... In this country do we not have the simple right to be offended? Isn't it okay? Isn't it enough? Can't we simply be offended by something someone says … Continue reading Tolerance, Compassion and Offense

Perspective: Government Shutdown

I am a federal employee.  My coworkers and I are the program managers for the in-service aircraft carrier fleet.  Certainly sounds important but we are also considered "non-essential" during this government shutdown meaning we can't go to work and we aren't getting paid. So, I'm not "technically" unemployed...I'm not "technically" fired either...BUT I'm also not … Continue reading Perspective: Government Shutdown