Spotify Family, Rant Mode On…

So, who knew just how much of a headache the new Spotify Family Plan would be?

First. You can’t add anyone who is currently a Premium member. Okay, fine, I’ll let each family member expire and then add them.

Thinking I understood how this process would work I canceled my wife and daughter’s Premium accounts and patiently waited for them to expire. On the day my daughter’s account expired I signed up for Spotify Family and added her to the account.

A clunky process for sure but fairly easy.

Flash forward a few weeks…

Now my wife’s account expires. I login to Spotify expecting to upgrade my account and add another family member only to find that YOU CAN’T just add someone to the account. The only way to add another family member is to cancel your existing account and resubscribe.

Customer support at Spotify was completely unhelpful. I recommended a FAQ to explain this process but they apparently have no interest in doing so.

Fine, I’ll cancel and resubscribe…except that apparently you have to cancel your account, let it EXPIRE, and THEN resubscribe and add family members.

Almost enough to drive me to iTunes…now now, relax, breathe…

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