Reflections of Christ

At this time of year the thoughts of many of us tend to shift from the worries of the rest of the year and turn to things of a more eternal perspective.  Mark Mabry and his crew have produced a wonderful exhibit described at his website, Reflections of Christ, that focuses on Christ in, what I consider to be, a most thoughtful and extremely touching manner.

This first video looks at Christ’s birth, death, and glorious Resurrection and recreates some of the stories and scenes we remember from the New Testament.

This second video focuses on Christ’s visit to the Americas, following his Resurrection, as described in The Book of Mormon.  Just as in the first video, the emotions expressed by those being photographed are so real and genuine that I think it’s hard to not feel the emotions yourself.

I hope that you will enjoy these videos as much as I do.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!





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