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Les Misérables (musical)
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Last night I saw a presentation of Les Misérables put on by Theatrix Productions.  I hadn’t ever attended one of their performances until this one and I’ve discovered that this group is a real hidden gem if you enjoy the theater.  If you’ve never before seen a live performance like this, Theatrix presents a great opportunity for you to see a quality show with little fuss.

The Barry Robinson Theater located at Bishop Sullivan High School in Virginia Beach is small and intimate.  It’s a very nice venue and I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house.  Ticket prices are low and there are great sponsors who support the group.  The costumes and sets were awesome and it was obvious that the group takes their performances very seriously.

Theatrix Productions takes you into a world that will amaze you.  As the lights dim and the action begins, you will find yourself immersed in a production more reminiscent of Broadway than community children’s theatre. Theatrix is truly a performer’s musical theatre where children experience a new level of excellence in performance.  At Theatrix children and teens enter a community where they are accepted, encouraged and given the tools to develop both characters with intrigue on stage and character with integrity in life.

It was a terrific performance and the cast and crew were very professional.  I walked away pretty much disbelieving that this was an amateur theater performance.  I can say for certain that this will not be the last show I attend.

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2 responses to “Theatrix Productions in Virginia Beach”

  1. Paula Keith Avatar
    Paula Keith

    Having seen the Theatrix production of Les Miserables I had to add my praise. What a marvelous performance and what an amazingly talented group of “kids”. I have the recordings of the original London cast as well as the Broadway cast, and frankly, I enjoyed the voices and performances of the Theatrix cast far more than the “professionals”. I have been following Theatrix for quite a while and though all their productions are excellent, they really outdid themselves in Les Miz. It’s unfortunate that they do not get more recognition and/or coverage by the area news media.

  2. Megan Avatar

    I was actually in this production of Les Miserables and it’s wonderful that you enjoyed it. I was actually 11 years old at the time and I was playing Young Cosette. Thank you for coming to see it and giving it such a wonderful review!:)

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