Sponsored search results lead to malware

A short story:

A few days ago I recommended a software product to a friend of mine.  I provided the web address to the product but later that day when he went to download it my friend couldn’t remember the exact URL.  Being a pretty smart guy, he went to a search engine and punched in what he thought I told him to search for.

The end result was the ended up downloading a $50 program that didn’t do any more than the free program I recommended.  He’s lucky though.  At least the program did what the site said it would do.

Just because a site hits high in the search results or shows up in the “sponsored links” doesn’t mean that it links to a quality product.  Placing a website in one of these key positions is related only to paying a few dollars to the search engine companies.

Be careful what you download and listen to that little voice when it tells you that “you may not want to click on that.”

Source: Sponsored search results lead to malware